Welcome to RB Weis Children's Books, a colorful world where stories inspire, educate, and celebrate the richness of life and the bonds that tie us together. Behind the vibrant pages of our books are Ricky and Bobbie Weis, a creative couple who have poured their hearts and art into creating stories for children that resonate with themes of family, moral values, and cultural diversity.

Our Story

RB Weis, an American storyteller with a passion for crafting narratives that touch the heart and is married to a Filipina, Their collaboration began not just as a merging of talents but as a blending of cultures, experiences, and dreams. From their own life, a tapestry of moments shared with their children, "Emmy's Diary," their first book, was born. This book, much like the rest of their work, is a reflection of their family — a blend of backgrounds, stories, and values.

Our Mission

In RB Weis Children's Books, our mission is threefold:

  • To Promote Positivity: Each story we tell is infused with optimism and encouragement, aiming to uplift young readers and foster an early love of reading.

  • To Strengthen Family Bonds: We believe in the power of stories to connect people, and our books often explore the dynamics of blended families, celebrating the love that binds them together despite differences.

  • To Embrace Diversity: Recognizing the beauty in diversity, our stories are designed to introduce children to various cultures and perspectives, encouraging empathy, understanding, and respect from a young age.

Our Inspiration

The heart of our inspiration lies in our own family. The laughter, the challenges, the adventures, and the day-to-day moments we've shared have all found their way into our books in one form or another.

Join Our Adventure

We invite you to join us on this beautiful journey through the pages of our books. Whether it's through the curious eyes of Emmy in "Emmy's Diary" or the many characters yet to come, we hope to share with you the joy, the learning, and the love that comes from a good book.

Welcome to the family,

Rb Weis

“The only way to do all the things you’d like to do is to read.”
Tom Clancy