Welcome to the Affiliated Authors page at RB Weis, where we proudly showcase the talented writers who bring our mission to life. Each of these distinguished authors has chosen to publish their works under the RB Weis banner, using our ISBNs to reach readers far and wide.

Our affiliated authors are a diverse group of storytellers and educators dedicated to creating literature that promotes positivity, strengthens family bonds, and embraces cultural diversity. From enchanting children's tales to insightful self-help books, their works reflect the values and vision of RB Weis.

By collaborating closely with our team, these authors ensure that every publication meets the highest standards of quality and creativity. We invite you to explore their biographies and discover the inspiring stories that contribute to the rich tapestry of RB Weis publications.

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Affiliated Authors

Megami Rhymes

website: www.selfcraftedlife.com

email: quenzcraft@gmail.com