Exciting News: "Emmy's Diary: My Life in the Philippines" Now Available on Amazon Kindle and as a Special Hardcover Edition!

Discover "Emmy's Diary: My Life in the Philippines," now available on Amazon Kindle and as a special hardcover edition. Dive into Emmy's vibrant cultural experiences and bilingual adventures, ideal for young readers. Get your signed hardcover with a free customized bookmark directly from us and embrace this enchanting journey into Filipino culture.


4/12/20242 min read

a cartoon girl reading a book on a sunny day
a cartoon girl reading a book on a sunny day

We are thrilled to announce that our beloved book, "Emmy's Diary: My Life in the Philippines," has officially launched on Amazon Kindle! This milestone is a fantastic opportunity for more readers to engage with Emmy's heartfelt stories and vibrant cultural experiences from the beautiful Philippines. For those who love the feel of a book in their hands, we have something special for you too!

Discover Emmy's World

"Emmy's Diary: My Life in the Philippines" is more than just a children's book; it's a journey into the heart of Filipino culture, seen through the eyes of a young girl navigating her daily life. The book blends entertaining storytelling with educational insights, making it a perfect read for children eager to learn about new cultures and places.

Why You'll Love This Book

  1. Cultural Exploration: Emmy's adventures provide a window into the Filipino way of life, from festive celebrations and family gatherings to everyday moments of joy and challenge.

  2. Bilingual Learning: Written in both English and Tagalog, the book is a great resource for children and parents interested in bilingual reading and language development.

  3. Emotional and Social Learning: Through Emmy's experiences, readers gain insights into handling various emotions and understanding diverse social settings, fostering empathy and global awareness.

Kindle Edition Features

The Kindle edition of "Emmy's Diary: My Life in the Philippines" offers several features that enhance the reading experience:

  • Easy Access: Download and start reading in seconds, no matter where you are!

  • Interactive Reading: Engage with the text through the Kindle's interactive features that allow for note-taking, highlighting, and searching.

  • Adjustable Settings: Customize your reading experience with adjustable text sizes and fonts to suit your reading preference.

Exclusive Hardcover Edition

For those who cherish the tactile sensation of turning pages, we also offer a special hardcover edition available directly from us. Get your signed hardcover copy here, complete with a free customized "Emmy's Diary" bookmark! It's the perfect keepsake for your library or a wonderful gift for a young reader in your life.

Get Your Copy Today!

Ready to dive into Emmy's world? Click here to get your copy on Amazon Kindle! or order your special hardcover edition directly from us for an extra personal touch.

We're excited for you to explore Emmy's charming and insightful diary entries. Thank you for your support and happy reading!